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If you are reading this bio, you’ve probably read others. You are trying to decide whom to trust with one of the most important transactions in your life.


Usually that decision will ultimately boil down to your judgment on that person with which you are most comfortable working.


You and your broker should become allies with a common goal. You should have access to him or her 24/7. No question or concern can be too small.


Your broker should maintain constant contact, even if it’s to report that there is nothing new to report.


I own and operate my own real estate brokerage firm. I do not have to seek the approval of others. I make my own decisions.


My clients tend to become my friends. They seem to appreciate the personal, hands-on level of service I am able to provide.


Financing…appraisers…escrow…title insurance… all of the sometimes complicated steps involved in a real estate transaction can be arranged and managed through Remz Real Estate.


If you prefer doing business with a professional you can also be comfortable with, call me.


If you prefer an arms-length, strictly business relationship, I wish you well.


Darin Remsing - Remz Real Estate
Cell: (858) 699-2321